Essential information for teaching online

We have a number of tools available to facilitate blended learning and teaching.  Depending on what you want to do you may find a mix of tools will enable you to create the teaching and learning environment you need, whilst maintaining social distancing and  not disadvantaging any students who are unable to attend sessions due to Covid-19.

When to use Panopto or Teams to record a lecture

Online training sessions

Although the Summer online learning programme has now finished, we have pre-recorded versions of some of the sessions:

Blended learning tools

We have five main tools for either synchronous (in real time) or asynchronous (without real time interaction) delivery when you may be unable to see your students in person.

For synchronous delivery:

  • MS Teams - tutorials, one to ones, online live lectures, webinars, screensharing, shared lecture/meeting notes. Live presentations from students for assessments can also be done through teams.
  • Office 365 - Document collaboration

For Asynchronous delivery:

  • Moodle - Announcements, Module handbook, Reading lists, learning resources, Module evaluation, activities such as forums, quizzes, questionnaires
  • Panopto* - self created video records such as lectures, demonstrations, guides, flipped learning, assessment feedback. Panopto also allows start / stop questions to ensure understanding and engagement. Pre-recorded assignment video submissions can also be done using Panopto.
  • eStream - Off air recordings, start/ stop questions.

*although Panopto is used to record a live lecture, the output is viewed asynchronously

See the video below to get a whirlwind tour of the tools available:

Recording Lectures - Panopto or Teams?

Online Live Lecture

Meet your students via teams (Set up an Online lecture In Teams) and record it via Teams. This can then be uploaded to the Module folder in Panopto (Recording a lecture in Teams)

Online pre-recorded lecture

This can be recorded as normal in Panopto and shared with your students via the Module folder. (Making a ChiPlayer/Panopto recording)

On-campus lecture with some participants attending online (hybrid teaching)

  • You will need to join the lecture link that you have created (Set up an Online lecture In Teams) via the lecture room computer, (Joining a lecture) so that you (on the lecture room computer) will then be in the Teams lecture with your at-home students. Perhaps ask them to mute themselves unless they need to participate and make them aware they can be seen on the lecture screen so they may choose to turn off their camera.
  • You will need to share the teaching screen with them (Share your screen), they will then see the same on the screen as the students in the room. 
  • You can then record the lecture using Teams, This can then be recorded in Teams and uploaded to the Module folder in Panopto (Recording a lecture in Teams). 


Things to note when hybrid teaching:

  • You are not able to see your students if you are sharing a screen with them. If you need to see participants whilst sharing, you can join the online meeting on an additional device (phone, tablet, laptop) if you have one.
  • Students will be unable to see the class group unless you are able to angle the camera towards them, which could be an issue if a student doesn't wish to be recorded. It is good practice to have a section of the classroom off-camera
  • Consider recording the lecture, so that if online students miss anything they can watch it back later.
  • Make sure you are familiar with how to join a meeting and share a screen beforehand,  maybe if possible arrange a test in the room you will be using with your student(s) or another person.
  • Ask the students to check their home equipment before joining the lecture.

On-campus lecture with all participants on campus

This can be recorded as normal in Panopto and shared with your students via the Module folder. (Making a ChiPlayer/Panopto recording)

Student Presentation Assignment submissions

Presentations that would previously have been given by students in class can now be recorded and submitted via ChiPlayer. 

Please do not advise students to record directly into PowerPoint as the files will be too large for turnitin to accept. Students can record into ChiPlayer and then submit the PowerPoint presentation used to an assignments link on Moodle.

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