Embedding Panopto videos into Moodle

You can embed Panopto videos into your Moodle page so that students can see the video in a window in a topic rather than just in the Panopto block at the side.  To embed Panopto videos the page must have a Panopto block and videos in the module folder in the Panopto website.

Add a Panopto block

Making a recording in Panopto

For students to see embedded videos, the videos MUST be in the current module folder of the page the students are enrolled on (when you roll over pages from the year before, embedded videos will also be from the year before and need copying over into the new module folder and re-embedding, see Staff - copying Panopto videos from last years module to this year's one

Videos can be embedded in any text box, this can be the one that comes with each topic or it can be added by adding a text box from activities and resources.

In the edit window of your text box click on the Panopto Icon:

the box shown below will open up, make sure that the full module code is correct, if it is showing the folder for the module the year before students wont be able to view the video even though the lecturer can.  If you cannot find a folder for the current year module you may need to add a Panopto block, provision the course and copy last years videos into this years new folder.

Once you are happy the module code is correct, select the video you want to embed and click insert.

We recommend that you only embed one video per text box, as it can cause formatting issues with more than one.

You can then Save changes to your text box and the video will be embedded onto the page.

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