Cyber security training

In order for you to stay safe online, the University has a number of training opportunities, strategies and policies in place. If you have any questions or requests, which are not covered here, please click on the Submit support request button at the bottom of the page. 

Did you know? Typically, by email we prevent, on average, 1000 phishing attempts a day!

However please remain vigilant and report anything suspicious: Reporting Suspicious emails

Online training is available:

It is your responsibility to make sure that you stay safe online. These two online training courses should be completed by every member of staff: 

If you have any cyber security concerns, please click here to notify us 


Viruses and email scams

The University uses market leading IT security products and methods to minimise the likelihood of unauthorised access to your information, and to minimise the risks of you being affected by viruses and scams. We update the policy, products and practices regularly to respond to the constantly changing threats.

For more information, please visit our Email scams and viruses advice page or our Reporting suspicious emails page

If you believe that you may have a virus, please disconnect from the internet and call the SIZ on 01243 816222


Additional strategies and policies

To find out more information on Univerity Policies, (such as IT code of conduct, Clear desk policy, digital strategy, etc) please visit our Strategy and Policies page 

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