ChiView - students

ChiView is the way to access your student / academic record.

This includes your registration details with the University, as well as the University level administration related to your course.

Log in to ChiView with your University username and password:

A video introduction to ChiView is available in the induction playlist.

What can I do in ChiView?

The features you are able to see and use in ChiView depend on your course and status (current student, provisional student, intermitting etc).

Features include the following.


  • results (and printing a copy of your transcript)
  • assessment feedback
  • your attendance record
  • your personal details
  • your HEAR
  • the student handbook
  • messages sent to you regarding your course (and complete tasks linked from them)
  • home and term time address details (and the option to edit this)
  • emergency contact details (and the option to edit this)

Facility to:

Links to:

  • teaching timetable
  • examinations timetables
  • online payment portal
  • online accommodation portal


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