Captions in Panopto

Captions are automatically generated through ASR (automatic speech recognition) within Panopto, however machine-generated captions clearly aren't the same as human transcription so they need to be revised and edited to ensure they are 100% accurate.


Editing Captions individually

Open the video in the editor. (hover over the video in the folder and click edit, or click the pencil icon in the top right when viewing the video)

On the left-hand side of the screen, click on the Captions tab 


To edit or delete a caption, click on the caption you want to edit (it will highlight the text in blue on the first click you do)

Then click in the area in the caption box that you want to edit and make your edit:

Once you have edited all the captions you want, click the Apply button in the top right-hand corner.

Bulk editing of captions - advanced users

You can also download a .txt file of all captions, to edit offline, before re-uploading: Bulk editing of captions for Panopto

If you find that the auto captioning facility featured in Panopto require lots of editing (usually due to misinterpreted auto captions, or spelling errors), you will find this short guide takes you through the quickest way to address the issue.


Navigate to the specific recording location that the recording is located, then in the top right corner select > Settings

This will then display the settings box, select the Captions tab

Under the option Available Captions, select Download file

The file should automatically download to your computers default download location. Open the downloaded file (the file is a .txt document)

You will notice that the file/text document has times, and additional data included, leave this as is, this will be used when re uploading to Panopto.

You can now make any changes to the specific text throughout the document. Once complete, select > Save

This will save a new version of the file, with its original name and the version in brackets (2)

You can now head back to the Panopto edit screen. Next select > Choose File

Locate the file you have just saved (2) and select > Open


You will now notice that the file name is displayed next to the ‘Choose File’ option.

Next select > Upload Captions


The box should refresh at this point, and your screen will show a confirmation of upload



Finally, select the tab > Manage, then scroll down the page/settings box > select > Re-process (this will sync the new captions to the original recording)

Now you just need to wait until Panopto has finished re processing (this will vary dependant on Internet speed, and length of recording) before checking the output is a required.

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