Accessing/Installing the Panopto recorder

Accessing the Panopto recorder

If you have the Panopto recorder installed,  it will either be located on the desktop  Illustrative image  or you can search for 'Panopto' in your task bar. On a PC this can be done in the 'search Windows' box or by clicking the search icon at the bottom left of the screen:


On a Mac you can find it using the Mac ‘Finder’, then selecting ‘Applications’ then in the list of installed software you will find ‘Panopto’

Installing Panopto on a University Computer

If you cannot access it this way, then it will need installing from the Managed software centre. This is a tool that enables you to install available approved software onto your computer yourself and negates the need for an admin password, which would be needed if installing direct from a website.

On a PC click on the Search windows box or icon (as above) and search for Managed Software centre

On a Mac click on the Mac ‘Finder’ at the bottom of the screen (as above). Select ‘Applications’ then in the list of installed software you will find ‘Managed Software Centre’

On both a PC and a Mac click on the Managed Software Centre to open it and look for Panopto Recorder, click 'Install Now'

Follow the prompts to install the software, when it has finished you may need to restart the computer for it to work.

Once you have restarted then search for it in the 'Search windows' box (PC) or Mac Finder, if you have restarted the computer and it still doesn't appear, please contact to arrange for it to be installed remotely.

If you're prompted for a server name, please use:

Installing the Panopto recorder via your own computer 

If you want to record on Panopto from your own computer then you can download the Panopto recorder from the website:

There is a Download Panopto button in the top right corner under your name:

Click this and follow the prompts to install it on your own computer.

When you open up for the first time, you may be prompted for a server name, please use:

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