Accessing embedded Panopto videos using Safari

New default privacy settings in the Safari browser (for Apple macOS and iOS) is causing embedded Panopto videos to be blocked. 

Safari Icon

Please note, this is not an issue on Windows computers

As a symptom of this, embedded Panopto videos may show an error or ask you to log in. 


How to resolve this

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

Resolving the issue in macOS desktops and laptops (Apple iMac, MacBook, etc.)


1. Open up Safari

2. Navigate to Safari (in the top-left of the screen), select Preferences

Then via the Privacy > Website Tracking, and deselect Prevent cross-site tracking

This will now allow your ChiPlayer (Panopto) log in details to follow through to Moodle. 

Resolving the issue in iOS Mobile devices (Apple iPhone and iPad)

Please note that this affects all browser apps on iOS (as they all use Safari's settings)

1. Tap on the Settings icon

2. Scroll down and find Safari and Privacy & Security settings 


3. Switch off Prevent Cross-Site Tracking

This will now allow your Panopto log in details to follow through to Moodle. 


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