Tips for using Skype for Business

Make sure you have Skype for Business installed

For meetings, seminar and tutorials with university staff and students make sure you have the full Skype for Business application installed, and check with the participants beforehand (perhaps in the meeting invite or my email) that they have this and are not trying to join via Skype instead as these are different applications. 

Useful information:

Or you can install it as part of the free subscription to Office 365 that staff and students are entitled to Microsoft Office for students and staff

Schedule meetings

When arranging any Skype for Business meeting in advance (even if its just with one other person) schedule it through your calendar rather than contact them through the contacts list in Skype for Business.

If you are scheduling an online seminar, you do not need to invite students individually, but can share the meeting link with them in the moodle page.

Use Meet now for contacting someone immediately

If you are going to use it to contact someone immediately, use the 'Meet Now' button the the calendar tab of Skype for Business. Click on the button and then add your participant using the + icon in the top right corner of the meeting window.

Arranging meetings via the calendar or using Meet now connect in a different way than contacting someone through the contact list and can have a more stable connection.

Managing meetings or seminars

When in a meeting or seminar with a number of people the sound can often be jumpy, this is because Skype for Business Skype will prioritise the noisiest microphone, so it can make the meeting audio seem very jumpy if there is a lot of background noise. You can solve this by muting yourself when you are not talking and ask others to do the same.  

It is also possible to manage attendees yourself, Click on the participant icon in the top left of the meeting, you will then see your participants, they will either be presenters or attendees, any presenter can click on participant actions, you can then make everyone an attendee, and mute the audience. you can manage individual attendees by right clicking over the icons next to their name

This can stop interruptions during your class or meeting, and students or attendees can write questions in the chat box which is the chat icon in the bottom left corner of the meeting, you can then answer questions at an appropriate time rather than be interrupted.

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