Summary of Timetable process

This is a general update of the timetable process and actions for both Timetable Contacts and the Registry Timetabling Team in accordance with the approved Timetable Deadlines Schedule. This update has also been informed following meetings with Directors/Heads of Academic Departments and Timetable Contacts.

Module delivery patterns

  • Normally, this information will be collected by Timetable Contacts (which is happening over the next few months).
  • This is an accurate week by week breakdown of activity type, space required, duration of sessions, and the actual week numbers a space is required.
  • After the publication of timetables to students on 6 August changes to these delivery patterns will not be possible.
  • If there are any staff changes to modules after 6 August they will need to follow the same delivery pattern that has been published in order to keep student timetables stable.

Staff availability

  • Timetable Contacts collect staff availability, which is then approved by the relevant Director/Head of Academic Department. This data is used to create the timetable and schedule module sessions. This needs to be accurate and as flexible as possible to maximise the use of our teaching resources and the full extent of the teaching week, Monday to Friday (9am-6pm).

Full year data

  • Module delivery patterns and staff availability must be provided in full for S1 and S2 as these are scheduled at the same time in order to provide this information to students as early as possible.
  • This is also important in order that academic staff can access their teaching timetables for both semesters from the publication date of 6 August.
  • This information will be fed through to Outlook Calendars for staff and students and therefore stability is important.
  • S1 and S2 teaching will not necessarily mirror one another so it is important that staff look at both semesters to view their confirmed teaching sessions.

Room and Caps on modules

  • After the publication date the scheduled room becomes the module “cap” i.e. the capacity of the room is the maximum capacity for the module activity. Please bear this in mind if students request to change modules, programme or group as it may not be possible to accommodate their request e.g. a larger room may not be available. There are established processes and Academic Regulations for changes, which need to be followed.

Student Attendance Management (SAM)

  • The information that is fed into SAM is the published module delivery data that has been confirmed as part of the timetabling process.
  • SAM is not a tool for changing student timetable, so the accuracy of information for timetabling is paramount. I trusts this summary is helpful but if you have any questions about this process please contact either your Timetable Contact or
If you have any questions about this process please contact either your Timetable Contact or

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