Staff - copying ChiPlayer videos from last years module to this year's one

 When you import information from the following year you will also need to copy you videos over in the ChiPlayer/Panopto website, if you don't the students enrolled on this this years course will not have access to the videos even if you can see them.

You need to make sure that your new page has the ChiPlayer Block and that it has been 'provisioned' this is much easier than it sounds and instructions can be found here: 

Go to and find the folder they are stored in (usually the module from last year) you can search for the module code in the Search all folders box on the left hand side of the page.

Click the Select All tick box to select all of the videos in the folder, if you only want to move some over, individually select the ones you need and click Copy


In the next window that opens start typing in the module code of the module where you want the videos to go to and select the appropriate one - in this case we are copying the 2015 videos to the 2016 folder.  If the folder for the new module doesnt appear it may be becuase there is no ChiPlayer block on it - follow the instructions to add a ChiPlayer Block to your Module which will create the folder for you to put the videos into.


Once you have selected the correct module folder, a copy button will appear, click this and you will see your videos copying to the new folder


When they have finished your students will be able to access them and you will be able to embed them into your module page if you wish: Embedding a ChiPlayer video

A video of this process can be seen below:


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