Skype for Business (students)

Skype for Business is a way to connect with people inside or outside the University. It includes instant messaging, (video) calling, video meeting, and screen sharing. It integrates with Outlook.

Please Note: Although the videos may show a keypad, this is not available in this version:

I have Skype already, why do I need Skype for Business?

Skype for business is integrated with the university phone book and systems, so you can easily search for other students and lecturers.

You will be able to make Skype Voice calls/Instant Messages and video calls to Skype for Business users, but you wont be able to add some of the functionality such as screen sharing, polls and the whiteboard.

If you already use Skype for personal use, then you may prefer to use Skype for Business for all your university use to keep the two contact lists separate and so that you can log out and not be disturbed when you are having some time out!

Getting the software

Skype for Business is already installed on University PCs, just search for 'Skype' in the start menu.

If you want to install Skype for Business on a personal device follow instructions on our Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus page.

Using Skype for Business

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