Setting up your Office 365 university email on an iPhone or iPad

The Electronic Information Security Policy covers the use of mobile devices. You should take this into account and enable the security features on your device. If you lose a mobile phone or tablet with University email on it, then please inform the SIZ as soon as possible who will arrange for the email data to be erased from the device remotely.

The University recommends you update your Apple device to the latest version.

Setting up email

1. Go into Settings on your device

2. Select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option

3. Under the subsection Accounts, select the Add Accounts option

4. From the list of accounts select Exchange

5. Enter your University email address and password, then Next

6. Your device will verify your account settings, then Next

7. From the Exchange screen you can select what you want to synchronise between your Office 365 account and your iPhone / iPad (e.g. mail, contacts, calendar etc)

8. Now that your email is set up, press the Mail button from the home screen and select University Email account. When you first go into your account you will notice there are no emails. It may take a while for emails to come through, but they should start to appear soon.

Please note: if you are using an older version of the operating system you may need to manually set the server details for the Exchange server. The details are: 

Server: (if that doesn't work try

Domain: uoc

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