Setting up or removing wi-fi on an Android mobile device

If your phone is not an iPhone or a Windows phone, it will be an Android phone.

Connecting to our eduroam Wi-Fi network

From home screen select the Programs/Apps icon, then choose Settings.

Make sure the Wi-Fi switch is On, then tap the Wi-Fi option.

Now choose the eduroam network:

Then set the following authentication information:

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate: if available choose globalsign, otherwise leave as Unspecified (note: some newer Android versions may not require a certificate, therefore can be left as Unspecified, however, if you still cannot connect then you'll need to manually install the CA Certificate (see lower down)
  • Identity (username): University email address: students, for example, ; staff, for example
  • Password: usual University network password

Then select Save/Connect and wait for the Wi-Fi to connect (the first attempt can take up to a minute).

Manually installing the CA certificate

If you don't have the globalsign certificate available to select, or cannot connect if set to unspecified, then you will have to manually install it.

Removing Wi-Fi networks

From home screen tap the Apps/programs icon, then choose Settings.

Firstly make sure the Wi-Fi switch is on, then tap the Wi-Fi option.

Now choose the eduroam network.

Now tap Forget to remove this Wi-Fi network.

If you now want to re-connect to our Wi-Fi networks use the insturctions at the top of this page.

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