SAM information for students

  • For most scheduled sessions, you will need to 'tap in' to record your attendance. You do this by tapping your campus card on a card reader
  • For areas that do not have card readers, your tutor will tell you what you need to do
  • It is important to you that the University has an accurate record of your attendance
  • You can add an absence in SAM via the link in ChiView

Recording an absence

1. From your attendance view (accessed in ChiView), click on the Add Absence button Illustrative image  

2. Complete the online form with the following:

  • Date and time of the absence Illustrative image
  • The type of absence (select from the dropdown list) Illustrative image  
  • Leave the Letter field as [None] Illustrative image
  • Your email (where the absence acknowledgement will be sent) Illustrative image
  • Any additional comments (you are advised to NOT add sensitive information here) Illustrative image

3. Select Save Illustrative image

SAM coordinators

Each Department has a SAM co-ordinator