Requirements for sharing email accounts (generic accounts)

General University Requirements for Sharing Email Accounts

The following guidelines are recommendations set by the University for sharing email accounts.


Generic accounts: These are accounts that are administered by a number of people, used for a specific purpose
Delegate: A Delegate is a user that has partial or full access to a Generic Account
Staff or Student account: These are accounts that are granted individually to a user upon joining the University
Guidelines: All Email Accounts

1. The Support and Information Zone (SIZ) and IT Services will never ask for your password under any circumstances
2. Passwords used to access email accounts should never be shared with anyone, either internal or external to the University

Guidelines: generic email accounts

3. If the password for a generic account has been lost, the SIZ can set a temporary password, which should be changed the first time the user logs on
4. A generic account should never be set up on a mobile device
5. Shared access to a generic account should be delegated through the Outlook desktop client. Guides are available through the Help website
6. The manager of a generic account will provide the above delegate access. Only the manager should know the password to the generic account(s)
7. The details for a generic account should never be used to set up an account on a delegate’s workstation
8. Managers of generic accounts should review the operation and delegate membership of these annually
9. Deletion of any unwanted generic accounts should be raised by the manager of a generic account by completing a General IT request using Support Me