Managing meetings or seminars in Skype for Business

Check that your attendees are using Skype for Business and not Skype, these are different applications and some meeting functionality is lost when using Skype in a Skype for Business meeting.

Although attendees can join using the Web App, you can suggest to them beforehand that they install the full Skype for Business application, it’s much more seamless than the web app, instructions for this can be found here

Also share this page with them:

If an attendee is using the skype for Business web App rather than the full application, they will wait in a lobby when joining the meeting and you will be prompted to let them into the meeting.

Once you are in a meeting it is a good idea to ask the participants to mute themselves unless they want to talk to avoid background noise, Skype for Business will prioritise the noisiest microphone, so it can make the meeting audio seem very jumpy if there is a lot of background noise, you can also manage the attendees mute them yourself if needed.

We find the use of the chat window good to allow participants to ask questions without interrupting you.

You can open the chat window by clicking the chat icon in the bottom left of the screen and the participants window using the icon in the top left:

Participants can either be presenters or attendees. 

In the participants window,  you can click Participant actions to make everyone an attendee or mute all attendees 

You can also right click on individuals to make them a presenter or attendee or mute attendees.

 Presenters can share desktop or files with the participants, however sharing a powerpoint can often take a long time to load, so its best to share your desktop and play the powerpoint, the participants will be able to see what ever is on your screen.

Click on the screen icon, then click share your desktop, if you have more than one monitor you will be able to choose which one, or all of them, then click share

You will get a security warning: FYI: People will be able to see everything on the monitor you chose, click Ok

Your screen will then have a yellow border within this is what your participants will see.

If you move your cursor to the top of the page you will get a bar appear that gives you the option to stop sharing.

If you want someone else to be able to share, then you can make them a presenter rather than attendee.

Recording Meetings

You can record a meeting by clicking the ellipses in the bottom right hand corner and choosing Start Recording a message will appear to tell attendees it is being recorded but it is good practice to tell everyone in the meeting that they are being recorded to ensure they know and avoid any GDPR issues.

Recordings can be accessed via the Skype for Business recording Manager, you can find this by searching in the search box on the task bar of your computer

Meeting settings

There are a number of other meeting settings that can be accessed from within a meeting, such as

  • setting who has to wait in the lobby (this is so that people have to wait to be let into a meeting).
  • whether attendees are presenters by default,
  • whether Skype for Business announces when people enter or leave.

To access meeting settings, click on the ellipses in the bottom right hand corner and choose Skype Meeting Options

You will then get an option box where you can change your settings, when you have finished, click ok



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