Making a recording in ChiPlayer / Panopto

If you are a lecturer and want to make a recording that appears in your Module page, you must first add the ChiPlayer block to your Moodle page and provision it.  This will create a folder in the Panopto website and anything that is recorded to, or placed in that folder will be visible to anyone on that page. 

Adding a ChiPlayer block to your module page

Before creating a recording you need to make sure that you have the recorder installed on your computer

Accessing and Installing the ChiPlayer / Panopto recorder

The video below shows how to make a recording on a PC, please note there are differences in the Mac version, if you have a Mac please also see the Guide on the Panopto website to make a recording on a Mac

Making a ChiPlayer/Panopto Recording:

Everyone gets a My Folder you can make or upload recordings into here, only you will see them unless you choose to share a recording.

If you are a lecturer and you want to record straight into a module folder to enable students to see the video immediately, choose the module folder taking care to check the full module code.

If you are a student and you have to create a video as part of and assignment, your lecturer may choose to set up and Assignments folder, if you have this option then when recording you can choose the assignment folder instead of your 'My Folder'. To find an assignments folder. search for your full module code in the search all folders box and choose the one that says [Assignments] after it (you may need to hover over it to see the full folder name)

If you have a Mac, the recorder will look slightly different, please see the Guide on the Panopto website to make a recording on a Mac in addition to these resources

On a PC the recorder will look like the picture below, to record you need to:

  1. Select the folder that you need to recording to go to, you can type in the box to search for folders, recordings can be recorded to your 'My Folder', this is a folder only you can see and recordings unless you choose to share them and can be moved easily afterwards.
  2. Name your recording, it defaults to the date and time, this is fine if you are in a hurry or happy with it like that. Students - for assignments use your student number as a name for the recording.
  3. Select your camera, if there is no camera available this will say none and it can be recorded without video
  4. Select your audio input - this is important! The recording will fail without any audio input, check that the computer is picking it up in the green amber red indicator, move the slider up to pick up more sound. If your computer doesn't have a microphone, you can loan a webcam from the SIZ. These webcams can be used to record both image and audio. 
  5. Choose your quality, higher quality will be a higher file size
  6. Choose what you want ChiPlayer to capture
  7. these sliders are also quality, the higher they are the better the quality, and click Apply
  8. Hit record!


If you need to take a break or you want to stop/start recording for any reason, click the 'Pause button.  This keeps it to one recording instead of having two halves to put together and also ChiPlayer records in the background when paused so if you forget the unpause it, you can recover the recording.

When you have finished, press stop, you will have the option to 'delete and record again' or 'Upload', if you want to keep the recording click upload and you will be taken to the screen below where your recording will upload to the ChiPlayer/Panopto website.

Under Currently uploading Recordings there are two progress lines, when these disappear it means that your recording has uploaded and you can turn off the computer.

Finding your recording

You will then find your recording on in the folder you specified.

If you cannot find your recording, it could be that you recorded it offline or it hadn't finished uploading, in both cases it will be found by logging back onto the original computer you recorded it on, open the panopto recorder and go to manage recordings to get back to the screen above.  You can then upload it if it is in the Offline recordings or it will continue to upload if it hadn't finished.

When you log into the ChiPlayer/Panopto website to see your recordings you will be able to navigate to your folders on the left hand panel.

Your My Folder is a folder that only you can see unless you choose to share videos with others, Shared with me is anything anyone else has shared with you, Everything is a view of everything you can see and then there is bookmarked for anything you have bookmarked.

Underneath those are any module folders or folders that have been created for you and they can be searched. Current year modules are in the current year folder (ie 2017-18) but searching the module code will bring up your folder.

This process is detailed in the video below:

Video: Recording to an assignments folder

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