Make the most of watching back a ChiPlayer recording

If you have a ChiPlayer video to watch on your moodle page, you will find it in the ChiPlayer block on the right hand side, you can click on it to watch it, you may also find your video embedded into the moodle page, if you want to take advantage of the facilities within ChiPlayer, then click on the arrow in the bottom right of the screen to open it in full screen.


Any video that has been recorded will show at the top left hand side

The main screen and the powerpoint (if these have been recorded) will be in the large window, you can toggle between them using the slides and screen button.

Thumbnail Slides will also be shown at the bottom of the page and you can navigate through these to jump to the part of the video you want to watch.

Under the video will be a contents section also allowing you to jump to different parts of the video

Under contents you will have a Notes section.  You can make notes here which will timestamp to the part of the video you were watching, so when reviewing the video again, you will have your notes that will go to the part of the lecture the notes relate to when you click on it.  This is private to you unless you click on make public

Another way to timestamp part of the video, is using bookmarks, this allows you to remember important parts of the lecture. This is also private to you.

You can also create 'discussions' this will allow you to write comments on parts of the video, but this time anyone else enrolled on the module will be able to see your notes and add to them, they will also jump to the part of the lecture that you were in when you wrote it.

You can also search the recording. The search function will search for the term then it will search for any  audio, any text in the powerpoint, as well as in notes, bookmarks, contents and discussions.

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