How to upload a video to ChiPlayer

During your studies you may be asked to submit a video to ChiPlayer.


ChiPlayer is the University name for lecture capture / video recording. It uses a product from a company called Panopto so you may see both names referred to below.

Please note that devices differ so the instructions may not be completely accurate for each one. In addition, this page refers to a test module called 'ABC123', so your module will be called something different. You tutor will have setup a sub folder for you to upload into which is refered to as an 'Assignment folder' which was formerly known as a 'Drop Box'. The tutor will let you know the name (although you can probably work it out) and it could be something like 'ABC123 Student Uploads'.

Students cannot install the ChiPlayer (Panopto) recorder on a University PC so will need to use a smartphone, tablet, their own PC, or other video recording equipment.

iPad / iPhone

Using an iOS device (iPad / iPhone) is probably the easiest option as the app records and uploads.

1. Download and run the Panopto app. It has a green icon Illustrative image

2. Launch the Panopto app

3. Sign in with you University network credentials. You will need to enter the ChiPlayer address:

4. Make sure log in is set to: Chichester Moodle - Live

5. Click Record

6. You should only see folders you have access to - choose 'ABC123 Student Uploads' (or similar)

7. Click stop when finished, and your video will automatically upload as long as your device remains on and connected to Wi-Fi

If you record at home but want to use the University Wi-Fi to upload:

  • exit the Panopto app
  • put your tablet to sleep (or off) or disconnect your wi fi
  • when you return to campus and connect to the University wi fi, start the app and upload should continue

Please note: you will need to delete the video from your device once you are happy it has uploaded as it will take up your storage.


Recording with Android differs from iOS in that you record with your phone's camera (as opposed to the Panopto app) then use the Panopto app to upload the video.

1. Download and install Panopto from the Google Play store (or other, such as Amazon app store)

2. Click sign in at the top

3. Set the Address to:

4. Leave sign in using as Chichester Moodle - Live and click the green Sign in button. Sign in with your usual University credentials

5. Start your camera app and record the video

6. Once you have recorded your video, rename the file with your student number and title. Please do NOT include your name, email, or username in the file name. Return to the Panopto app and click the cloud icon at the top right

7. You will see a drop-down box with the folders you can upload to. Choose 'ABC123 Student Uploads' (or similar) then click choose video or audio files. Navigate to your video (this stage will vary between tablet but the video may be in your photos). As soon as you select your video it will start to upload to ChiPlayer so make sure you choose the right one

8. You can change the video's title, apply some basic editing, or delete it by logging on at:

9. Navigate to the assignment folder set up by your tutor (they will need to tell you this) and you should see your video with the appropriate options

Upload a video via the web

If you wish to record a video by another digital video recorder you can. This will allow you greater control of editing. Once you have finished your video:

1. Go to

2. Log on with University credentials

3. Click Create at the top and choose Upload Video

4. Choose the folder, select your video, and then Upload


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