eduroam wi-fi

eduroam Wi-Fi

eduroam is our main wireless network:

For Android devices see separate guide below.

Your eduroam login credentials can be used at many participating universities, colleges and institutions. Illustrative image

How to connect - step by step

For more information about connecting to eduroam Wi-Fi on your specific device, please see the relevant guide:

eduroam Services

The eduroam service at Chichester does not use any application or interception proxies

The University of Chichester (UoC) is a participating organisation in eduroam(UK) and has:

  • Visited organisation status which allows visitors to UoC, from other member institutions, to access the network using the credentials provided by their home institution.
  • Home organisation status which allows UoC users who are visiting an instiution that is a member of eduroam (including eduroam(UK)) to access the network using their UoC credentials

Some eduroam links:

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