Editing a ChiPlayer video

You can do basic edits in ChiPlayer which includes trimming the beginning and end, and editing out sections.

Please note: the 'Publish' button in the video now appears as 'Apply'

Locate your video

To edit a ChiPlayer video go to the front page of Moodle and click on ChiPlayer.

Click Sign in you will either need to put in your University credentials or it will automatically sign you in

You need to locate your video it will be where you recorded or uploaded it to so this might be a module folder or your 'My Folder' if you stored it there to edit first and move later

If it is in a module folder, do a search for your module code in the folder search box and make sure you select the right occurrence of the module. If you are unsure, check the full module code in Moodle

If you are a student, uploading to an assignments folder make sure that the folder has the word [assignments] after it

if you have the video in your 'My Folder' you can access this from the left hand menu

Edit your video

You need to be either in the ChiPlayer folder where the video is stored or have the video open, if you are in the folder where the video is stored hover over the video, and click edit. If you are viewing the video and decide to edit it, you can click on the pencil icon in the top right hand corner

The first block shows any webcam recording the second larger block shows either your desktop or any PowerPoint slides and you can click between the slides and the

screen tab. The block at the bottom is your editing window this is split into bars, he first bar, P1, represents video and sound, the second bar, S1, shows the screen and the third SL, shows the PowerPoint.

To Start editing, click on the scissor icon under your recording you can then hover over the beginning or end of your video and where you see a thick grey line you can hold down the left click mouse button and drag the tabs out, which will trim the recording

The edited out bit will show greyed out, but wont disappear when you save the recording the viewer wont see any greyed out parts of the video but you are able to go back into the editor and pull the tabs back to enable that part to be seen again.

At this point it doesn't matter if you are not precise, as you can play the video and check that you have it right, and then tweak it if you need to.

If you want to edit out a section in the middle of the video make sure that the scissor icon is active hover the mouse roughly where you want the edit to be then hold down the left click mouse button, and drag let it go, when it covers the part of the video that you want to edit.

This will leave you with a greyed out area in the video when you try to play it back, the video will skip this bit

You can then refine the edit, by playing it back and then dragging the edges in or out, until you get it right

If you want to remove an edit, drag the edges back together and it will disappear.

If you want to be more precise, you can zoom in on parts of the timeline when you are making your edit, make sure that you dont accidentally just edit one of the streams otherwise your video won't play in sync, if you do this by accident you can just drag the tabs back together, and the edit will disappear and then you can make the edit that you wanted to make.

If you paused the recording these will show as pre-edited areas by moving the tabs you can get back any parts of the video that may have been paused during the recording

When you have finished editing, click publish to save your changes, the video will spend a few minutes processing and will then be ready to view you can go back in, and change your edits at any time.

Still need help?