ChiPlayer: Questions, Comments, and Notes during live broadcasts

During the live broadcast, viewers who are logged in and viewing the live broadcast can ask questions and make comments via the viewer window.

The presenter will see them in a box at the bottom of the recorder, the presenter can also see how many attendees they have:


Creators can either respond verbally at the time of the question or review the questions after the recording is complete

Furthermore, viewers can also take public or private notes during the broadcast to refer back to at a later time.

Questions, comments, and notes can be viewed on the recording in after the broadcast has ended and the presenter can respond to any queries not answered verbally at the time.

You can also turn off discussions for any or all webcasts and recordings by going to the Panopto web administration pages under System -> Settings and changing the Discussion Enabled setting to False. Ratings can also be disabled separately by changing the Ratings Enabled setting to False. 

More information on Live broadcasts:

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