ChiPlayer - give students access to download their assignment videos

If you have recorded a student as part of an assignment, although you may have given them access to view thier videos, they will not be able to download them to add them to their portfolios.  If a student requires access to download their videos you need to:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu for the video  Illustrative image
  • You need to set how the video streams will be seen, so click on 'Output' and if the video is a performance with no powerpoint or screen required then set the output to primary video only, the image shows a preview.  if the video is a presentation then set the output to Picture in Picture Illustrative image  Then set the quality of the output, change this to the maximum available.  Illustrative image
  • Click Manage and the Copy under copy session. You can also change the name of the session if required here, otherwise it will default to the name of the video with (copy) after it.  Illustrative image  
  • You can then close the window  Illustrative image
  • Back in the folder you will then see that you have two videos the same other than one is a copy, on the copy click on settings  Illustrative image
  • Then click Edit next to the folder  Illustrative image   click on the drop-down box and type in the user name of your student  Illustrative image
  • Select the student folder and click save  Illustrative image  You can then close the window and you will see the copy has disappeared.
  • The video will now be in the students own folder and they will be able to download it by going to Settings, Outputs and Download Podcast  Illustrative image




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