Best practice guidelines for SharePoint sites

Data Protection

Any personal data held on a SharePoint site (or backed up on the H: or S: drive) must be in full compliance with the University’s Data Protection Policy  


SharePoint Online: Microsoft’s hosted solution for SharePoint. All current students and staff are licensed to use this as part of Office 365.

Office 365: the University’s hosted email system, provided by Microsoft.

SharePoint Site: a site that is hosted in SharePoint Online, there are different sites available. IT Services will supply the site that is suitable for your requirements.

SharePoint Site Owner: the owner of the site, in particular the individual requesting the site.

Internal User: a University of Chichester student or staff user.

External User: a user who is external to the University that doesn’t hold a student or staff account.


Please follow the guidelines below which are University recommendations for using a SharePoint site that has been requested using Support Me
1. IT services will never ask for your password under any circumstances.
2. Passwords used to access SharePoint Sites should never be shared with anyone, either internal or external to the University.
3. The SharePoint Site Owner will be responsible for the data stored on the Site.
4. A copy of all the data stored on a SharePoint Site should be backed up on the H: or S: drive.
5. Permissions for accessing the SharePoint Site and the data contained within the site should be managed by the Site Owner.
6. The SharePoint Site Owner must ensure that confidential data is only accessed by those individuals with appropriate permissions to access the SharePoint Site.