Alumni information for those graduating in 2019

If you are graduating in 2019, please note you will no longer be able to access your University IT account from Monday 4th November 2019.
Note: if you are continuing your studies, you don’t need to do anything, the new registration process will automatically preserve your IT account and you won’t lose any data.

The data that will be deleted includes:

  • Student H-drive
  • Email
  • OneDrive
  • All other Office 365 data
  • Moodle
  • ChiView
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Please ensure you migrate any data and University emails to a personal storage area before the deadline.

If you currently have email forwarding set up to a personal email account, you may wish to turn this off otherwise you will temporarily still receive student email announcements. This can be done from 'Email/Office 365' by clicking the options (cog icon), view all outlook settings, email, forwarding, then untick 'enable forwarding'.

If you require further assistance please contact the SIZ on or 01243 816222.

Information for students who graduated in 2017 or earlier.


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