Alumni email accounts

Alumni information

  • After you graduate from Chichester your email address will change from to
  • You will need to log on using the Office 365 website with your email address and existing password
  • If your password does not work, use the 'Can’t access your account' link on the Microsoft login page 
  • Your OneDrive account, accessed from within Office 365, will be disabled 30 days after your email change
  • If you set up email forwarding to a personal email account, you may wish to remove the redirect otherwise you will continue to receive student email announcements (stop email forwarding). 

Alumni FAQs

"Once my email has changed to @chialumni... "

  • Will emails sent to my email address still arrive in my inbox?
    If you have used your email address on e.g. job application forms, then you will still receive the replies.
  • Will all my current emails and folder structure be transferred to the new account?
  • How long will I be able to use the @chialumni account for?
    For life
  • Will my current email password used for the account still work?
  • How can I change my email password once changed to @chialumni?
    Once logged in to email click the settings cog, then under 'Your app settings' click 'Office 365 ', then 'Security & privacy' then 'Change your password'
  • What services will I still have access to?
    You will still have access:
    - Email
    - Calendar
    - Contacts
  • What services will I lose access to?
    You will lose access to:
    - Moodle
    - ChiView
    - University password manager (FastPass)
    - OneDrive (after 30 days)
    - Microsoft student advantage (Office ProPlus)
    - Library eResources
  • How can I turn off my email redirect so I no longer receive University emails to my personal email account?
    Follow instructions to stop email forwarding.

How to use the 'can't access your account' link on the Microsoft login page

If you cannot log in after your email address has changed to

  • Go to
  • Choose 'Can’t access your account' Illustrative image
  • On the next screen you must enter your new email address e.g.
    and type the code shown on the screen Illustrative image
  • Select 'Contact an administrator' Illustrative image
  • You should now see the message 'Your admin has been notified' Illustrative image

Your request will then automatically create a job that gets logged to the University of Chichester Network Admin team. Please allow up to 2 working days for your password to be reset.
After your password has been reset you will be emailed a temporary password which will be valid for 90 days (the email will be sent to your personal email address registered with the University of Chichester).
If you don't have a personal email address registered with us, please contact the SIZ and ask that your email address or contact phone number gets added to the job in the Network Admin team.

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