Ad hoc Livestreaming in ChiPlayer

These instructions are for setting up an ad hoc webcast, however we would advise creating a webcast link in advance where possible, instructions can be found here: Creating a webcast link

Viewers can also make ask questions, make comments, and Notes during live broadcasts instructions can be found here: Questions, Comments, and Notes during live broadcasts

How to Live Webcast

In the ChiPlayer Recorder, be sure to select an online folder, then check Webcast 


To start the broadcast, click the RECORD button. To end the live broadcast, click the STOP button. Your recording will then complete and upload to the server

A viewer URL is generated after your broadcast starts. Clicking Copy will copy the URL to your Windows clipboard  Illustrative image  you can then share the URL with whoever you want to attend.

Users may login to the ChiPlayer website to view any live broadcasts that may be available at that time.

To do this, go to the ChiPlayer website ( and click the live session that you would like to watch. If access to the content is restricted to certain viewers, they will have to login with their credentials.

You can determine which sessions are broadcasting live because the icon will look like the following:

The viewer can click on the session and a viewer window will open just as it would if the lecture had been previously recorded.

Buttons for pausing and rewinding are pictured below. You can easily seek through a live broadcast to any time by dragging the slider circled above, even if you join late. To catch up and watch the broadcast live, click the LIVE button as seen above. You may also continue to watch the live broadcast even after it has ended.


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